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What happens if I need to reschedule my booking or event?

Due to the current climate, should you need to postpone and reschedule your event, we will gladly accommodate to another date within the next 12 months of your originally booked date (pending on our artist availability). If you do not have a new date yet in mind, we can simply move your booking into a temporary hold until a new date within that 12 month period is secured. Please note this can only be done once.

Do you learn songs for our wedding?

Absolutely. We can learn your aisle song, signing of your Marriage Certificate song and exit song. We can also learn your first dance song if you’ve booked us for your reception too.

Once Tillee Music has finished playing at our reception, what do we do next?

We’ve put together an All-in-1 Duo + DJ Package that allows you to cover all the music bases without the fuss of searching around and yes, we can confidently say the DJs we’ve teamed up with are by far the best in the business.

You have a few duos now, how do I know which one we will have for our wedding/event?

We will confirm which duo we have available as soon as you enquire. It’s so important to us that you know who is going to be a part of your wedding, corporate event or special occasion.

You'll be playing at my ceremony, how long does the Aisle song go for?

In all honesty every bride walks at a different pace. Some prefer to rush down the aisle while others like to take it slow. Your celebrant will let everyone know you’ve arrived, which is our cue to begin playing; we’ll play right up to when you’re standing beside the love of your life and end the song appropriately.

Is re-locating an extra charge?

We’re super familiar with relocating from ceremony to canapés to receptions if they are on the same grounds. Should a relocation be at a different venue then a charge may apply, along with Travel fees.

What if our Ceremony Location has no power?

No problem. We have our own power that we can bring along to run our PA system through. We’ll confirm these finer details in the lead up to your wedding.

What music will you play when you're having a break?

We have a tonne of playlists to choose from but try to keep the music consistent with our style and sound. If you have specific artists you both love and want us to add to our playlist feel free to let us know.

We love your sound and style but wonder if you do dance music too?

Bare in mind we are an acoustic duo and we will have your guests up and dancing for a few songs after dinner. We’re now offering a DJ as part of the packages to ensure you have the best live music for the first few hours, followed by the wild dance party you’ll love after a few bevvies.

We're only looking for ceremony music, do you offer this?

We can definitely offer this depending on the time of your ceremony. We do get heavily booked Thursdays through to Sundays; in saying that there are occasions where we can book a ceremony only, should times not conflict with other bookings.

We would like to book your 2hour package to start, can we upgrade later?

This is totally fine. Once you’ve booked us for your wedding or event we will not be taking bookings after the times allocated for your wedding/event which allows you to add another couple of hours down the track.

We want to come and see you perform live before booking, is this possible?

Yes. Pending the current climate and circumstances these are very uncommon at the moment, however we are trying to be part of a number of showcases throughout the year to assist with this. Details on where and when will be announced on our social media and website.

Can we get a recording of the songs you play at our ceremony?

We are now exclusively offering, to clients who have booked Tillee Music, the option to have your ceremony songs recorded this way you can remember them forever and even have them used on your films as a keepsake. Ask us about our rates.

Do you travel for performances, weddings and events?

Yep we sure do. Depending on where your venue is there could be a travel fee and, of course, if it’s a late one and we don’t feel comfortable or safe to drive home from, accommodation could be required also – this is only when it’s absolutely necessary though.

Our Ceremony/Event is outdoors and we're not allowed amplified music, can you still do this?

Yes we can. Most often this happens if it’s a National Park or a residential outdoor area. We’re ready for anything and if we can’t plug in for the event or ceremony and canapés then we can most definitely make our music work beautifully anyway.

What is our Covid -19 postponement or cancellation policy?

During this current climate, we, at Tillee Music try to be as accomodating as possible for our couples.
Whilst our deposit is non-refundable (we have reduced this currently due to the climate), we are happy to postpone your special day to another date (once) within a 12 month period.
Should you wish to cancel altogether, this deposit will remain with Tillee Music so that we, as a small business can keep our lights on!

Do you offer to pre record any of our chosen songs for the ceremony or first dance?

At this time, this is not a service we are able to offer. Should you have a particular version of the song you have chosen, please send this through to us and our artists will do that exact version so that your timings for either the aisle song or first dance song as in sync.

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