Tillee Music are fresh, modern and dynamic high end duos bringing enthusiasm, energy and excitement to your event. Performing both popular and alternative songs broken down to compliment our acoustic style and with silky vocals, imaginative guitar skills and a vast repertoire, Tillee Music can create a unique playlist to perfectly suit your special occasion.

With over fifteen years experience performing at weddings and corporate functions, Tillee Music understands the journey of planning a wedding and event, and we aim to provide you with a soundtrack to your special occasion that will make you and your guests smile every time you remember it.

We offer two-piece acoustic duos, led by a female vocalist in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and surrounds. We cater to events from Kangaroo Valley, the Southern Highlands, the Hunter, to the Blue Mountains, Byron Bay and everywhere in between and we love to travel.


Each of our musicians are carefully handpicked because their style and quality complements what Tillee Music is all about. All of our musicians share a dedication to ensuring the music for your event is as personal and beautiful as you imagined it to be – some samples of these brilliant creatives can be found under the music tab.

Nat & Bob

Nat’s voice is forever evolving, lending itself to a huge variety of styles and musical eras though admittedly folk has well and truly captivated her over the past few years.

Jerry & Bob

Jerry & Bob are travellers and journeymen from a by-gone era when songs and their stories were a true sound of the heart. They were close friends before they started singing and writing together.

Emma & Dan

With effortlessly sublime vocal blends and heart-melting piano, Emma and Dan will transport you to the speakeasy jazz bars of yesteryear.

Brit & Nate

If Brit and Nate had a dollar for every time they’ve been told they’ve “got something special” as a duo, they’d be… well… richer than they are now. Being a bother-sister duo probably has something to do with the magic they bring to the stage.

Kylie & Nath

From their first jam session, Kylie and Nath found themselves hitting a sweet note that only continues to grow. There’s a soulful depth to their musical offering that perfectly compliments the message of lasting love.

James & Tim

Having played in small rooms to large theatres, open-air cocktail parties to rowdy receptions, and around more campfires than they can remember (perhaps due to a mutual appreciation of whiskey) the boys are at home with everything from classic hits to modern day tracks, serving them all up in a style that’s unique to them.

Sally Rose

At the tender age of 19, Sally Rose is the baby of the Tillee Music family, but what she lacks in age she more than makes up for in 12 years of solid music experience and that haunting old-world, old-soul quality that soaks through her sound.

We believe in the power of music to connect people in profound ways, so we encourage you to choose songs that are meaningful to your event. Your song list should be as individual as the two of you, and taking the time to learn and rehearse the songs that strike a chord in the hearts of our couples is a key part of the service we offer.

With a background in event planning as well as performance, Tillee Music places a strong emphasis on ensuring positive communication and collaboration with everyone we work with. It is this personal approach that has left us treasuring great relationships with the couples, organisations and venues we partner with.

Please, take a look around, check out our music clips, and if you would like to meet and have a chat, give us a call.


We have answers

We welcome you to read through our most frequently asked questions and answers or get in touch to have a chat about your plans.

Absolutely. We can learn your aisle song, signing of your Marriage Certificate song and exit song. We can also learn your first dance song if you’ve booked us for your reception too.

We’ve put together an All-in-1 Duo + DJ Package that allows you to cover all the music bases without the fuss of searching around and yes, we can confidently say the DJs we’ve teamed up with are by far the best in the business.

We will confirm which duo we have available as soon as you inquire. It’s so important to us that you know who is going to be a part of your wedding, corporate event or special occasion.


Our duos can learn & perform any special song.


Live entertainment for your special occasion.


Listen to our soulful sounds.