If Brit and Nate had a dollar for every time they’ve been told they’ve “got something special” as a duo, they’d be… well… richer than they are now. Being a bother-sister duo probably has something to do with the magic they bring to the stage. There’s a simple ease to the way Brit’s pop-folk sound blends seamlessly with Nate’s rich harmonies – like a late night cuppa with a sneaky square of Cadbury.

Though each has had their own musical journey, they have always felt a serenity playing as a pair. Their blood runs strong through their tunes and you’re invited to join the family.


The siblings first realised the two of them had that certain ‘something’ ten years ago when they were in school. Brit had an assignment due for a music class and Nate helped out. She might have started work the night before, but the teacher was obviously none the wiser, giving her an A. Music has be a catalyst for Brit’s wanderlust, taking her on tour to Vietnam, L.A and Las Vegas.


Growing up, Nate would say he had very different musical tastes to his little sister and it’s true to this day. This diversity has worked in their favour as it’s given them an appreciation for all genres of music and the gift of breaking down and rearranging songs acoustically into something unexpected and beautiful.

Whether performing background music for over dinner or as the entertainment focus of your event, Brit & Nate are the perfect choice to create the right atmosphere for your occasion. To learn more, contact Tillee Music today.