There wasn’t too much to do in the small town that James and Tim grew up together in. Especially seeing as the amount of cows that populated the area outnumbered people tenfold. Luckily, getting together and becoming fast friends over a shared infatuation with music provided all the entertainment they could ever need. Years later, they’re still doing the same thing — whiling away the hours perfecting arrangements and covers for the sheer love it. Albeit, there’s a lot less cows involved these days.


Having played in small rooms to large theatres, open-air cocktail parties to rowdy receptions, and around more campfires than they can remember (perhaps due to a mutual appreciation of whiskey) the boys are at home with everything from classic hits to modern day tracks, serving them all up in a style that’s unique to them. Like an old record found in the depths of a second-hand store, there’s something special about these two. After all, cattle make the best audiences to practice to.


Growing up in a family of talented musicians, Tim has been surrounded by music his whole life. Born into a world of church music and old gospel tunes, singing has been second nature for as long as he can remember. Above all, you can hear that in his voice which can be both strong and ethereal within the same song. Rounded out by his tender fingerpicking guitar style, Tim also has one of best collection of patterned socks you’ll ever see. His favourite record of all time is City and Colour’s Sometimes.


James picked up a football when he was eight. He swiftly put it back down after he realised he was no good at it. Four months later, he picked up a guitar and has never put it back down since. At home with jazz, blues, folk and R&B, he’s developed a style of his own that has lead him to play with musicians across Victoria and bucket list stages including Melbourne’s prestigious Palais Theatre. Ask him to say the Alphabet backwards — he’ll do it. His favourite record of all time is Jeff Buckley’s Grace.

James and Tim are available for a range of occasions including weddings, corporate and community events.

Whether performing background music or as the highlight of your event, James and Tim are the perfect choice to create the right atmosphere for your occasion. To learn more, contact Tillee Music today.