Heart-melting wedding music composed just for you

12 Dec 2023 | Spotlight

Let Tillee’s resident songwriter write a breathtakingly original song with Your Story Your Song.

A wedding day that’s unique, moving and unforgettable – it’s what every couple wants. And we’ve got the soundtrack for that.

Picture this…

Walking down the aisle to meet your Person to an original song that’s as unique as your love story. Music swelling with the emotion of the moment. Your loved ones gathered, championing your promises. Arriving at the altar, shaky hands and racing hearts reach out to connect. You’re steadied by their presence and your song.

Whether it’s:

  • ULTRA personal wedding music for your ceremony entrance
  • The sweetest soundtrack to your first dance
  • The backing track to your wedding video
  • Or the world’s greatest wedding gift to your sweetheart.

…THIS is the spellbinding atmosphere Your Story Your Song creates… and we’re not crying, you are!

We asked resident songwriter California Jeremy about Tillee Music’s songwriting offering. Here he shares the process of creating original wedding music – just for you.

1. Tell us about the concept behind Your Story, Your Song?

‘Your story, Your song’ is an invitation to hear – and celebrate – a couple’s story. All the seemingly insignificant moments that brought two humans together.

I love hearing about the everyday stuff. The in-jokes that only mean something to them… The tragedy, the fear, heartbreak – and all the love… There’s so much going on behind the veil.

2. What do you love about being the resident Tillee songwriter?

I think it’s probably the part of music that feels most natural to me – starting with a blank piece of paper. Tillee Music boss, Nat, is also my sister, and we’ll often work on these songs together, which is really nice.

3. How are the couples involved in the process of creating wedding music?

Your story is your song. So, as a starting point, I ask the couple to write it all out.

I want to know as much of your story as you can be bothered putting on paper. I want to read about you, both as individuals and as a partnership. The days before you met, what life was like growing up, your Meet Cute – all of it.

Basically, I want you to write (or voice record) a Little Book of You.

4. Tell us a bit about your songwriting process?

When I’m writing for a couple, I read their story a bunch of times before I sit down to put music to it.

Every story has its own colour – and lends itself to a mood. I like to really feel that before rushing into making the song. I don’t come with any preconceptions – just a blank piece of paper.

5. Tell us about your favourite moment from the project so far.

The thing with Your Story Your Song is that all the stories are real.

So when I write lyrics, I can see and feel the moments described – because I’ve read their story.

An empty apartment… a shitty motel… a walk along Lake Louis… I think the difference with this project is I can let the story completely direct the song. No constraints, no formula.

Honestly, I have favourite moments in all the songs I’ve written for the project.

6. Where can we hear your songs?

A lot of couples use the songs I write on their wedding videos as well as the day itself. So even though I’m not always there in person, I get a beautiful sense of the celebration of their love.

Here are just some of the songs from Your Story, Your Song.

Video 1 Video 2
Video 3 Video 4

A love song as unique as your love story

Want a love song written just for you? Tillee Music’s resident songwriter can create original wedding music for your special day.

Learn more about Your Story, Your Song here.

Or reach out to book Jeremy here.

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