Jules & Cam

A snapshot of that special moment in time, to
dance to forever.

In the years since Tillee Music first got its start, we’ve met hundreds of beautiful couples who understand the power that music has to make their day a memorable one. Some couples know exactly what style of music they’re after – and even have their own special song – while others are still searching for that elusive ‘something’ that speaks to the heart of who they are.

For the couple who wants to celebrate their love with music that’s as unique as they are, we’ve created ‘Your story, your song’; a musical offering from one of Tillee music’s longest standing artists. California Jeremy (of Jerry and Bob fame) is a lyricist of insane talent who has branched out to offer personalised musical composition for couples who want to capture their story in song form, and we’re making this opportunity available to you.

Here’s a little hello from the man himself:

“Hey there. I’m California Jeremy. Send me your story and I’ll make it your song.

I write very special songs from the memories and stories you share with me. It is a craft I hold dear to my heart, so you can have a special piece to cherish and play for years to come. Whether it be broadcast at your wedding of 200 or in your living room on your anniversary for just the two of you, I will create a timeless intimate memory that’s only yours.

A snapshot of that special moment in time, to dance to forever.”

If you’d like to find out more about ‘Your story, your song’, hit us up here.

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